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Production: 13000-14000 bricks per shift


1. Heavy  duty M.S. fabricated stationary chassis of angles, channels and sheet fitted with hydraulic jacks for compression of 150 tons hydraulically operated power pack with a 10.hp AC motor, sweep, Oil cooling system, and plate vibrating system, hardenedmolds to release 10 (Ten ) bricks in one stroke having dimensions of 225mmx100mmx75mm. Cycle period 18-20 seconds to give output of minimum 13,000-14000 bricks per shift of 8 hours.

 2.  PAN MIXER 2PC. of 1800mm diameter fabricated with structural mild steel with replaceable inner lining fitted with 7.5hp motor, oil filled reduction gear box for feeding hoper with a capacity to mix 600kg.Of raw-material.


3. BELT CONVEYOR to shift mixed activated raw-material from pan mixer to the feeder bin of the press. The ply rated 18 running feet rubber conveyor belt is mounted on structural M.S. frame fitted with a 2.hp motor, ample rollers and speed reduction pulleys with dust covered bearings for long and maintenance free smooth run.




·        Detail of total product

·        Bricks making machinr 1pc.                                                                                                     

       Pan mixer 2pc.                                                                                                                    

·        Conveyour bellt 1pc.                                                                                                                                   

·        Pallet truck 2pc.                                                                                                                           

·        Machine mentenes tools 

2 man transproting charge and live and eting charge extra.

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